Imagine! Congregational Conversations

At Imagine: Congregational Conversations, we gather, pray, share a meal, consult scripture, converse, and imagine what kind of future God has in store for us.


Our congregational conversations will be structured around questions we ask of ourselves about what is good, and how we can do more of it. We will ask about our reason for being, our purpose, and our mission. We will ask about the neighbors in our mission field.

Imagine! conversations will occur on Wednesday evenings starting September 13 and continue through November 15 (except fall break Oct 11). Our conversations will not be complete without you. Mark your calendar and come prepared to turn loose your mind and heart to fill in God’s picture of our future.


A meal reservation will be helpful. Childcare is provided.


Here you can find documents, Powerpoint presentations, and videos of past conversations to help you in your path to discovering what God has in store for the future.