​​​​​​​Madison Street Preschool


Madison Street UMC Preschool is a play based learning experience for children ages 1 thru 4 with emphasis on play and its social aspects. This is accomplished through creative art, on site "field trips", supervised play, integrated literacy, cooking and other activities. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Our annual tuition rate is $1,440 per child.  That is payable in three ways:  one full payment, two semester payments (due in August and January) of $720, or eight monthly payments of $180.  


At Madison Street Preschool the curriculum and activities are geared to the different age levels so that your child will have a positive, rewarding experience. We offer an experienced, qualified, loving staff with an excellent teacher-student ratio, where children learn about shapes, colors, letters, numbers and other important fundamentals while playing and having fun. Music, artwork, story-time, on-site field trips, and many other special activities offer the children opportunities to interact with others, to listen and follow directions, to share, to cooperate, to grow in self-control, and to learn about themselves and the world in which they live. We follow a curriculum designed specifically for each age group. Weekly Chapel, music and Spanish class provide enrichment and time to explore different methods of learning.  Your child will be having fun and learning the tools needed to excel into elementary school.  Madison Street Preschool has created a legacy of learning, loving and growing in our community since 1971.  Schedule a tour today to learn why we love what we do! 


For more information regarding our preschool, please email Casey Gerritz, Preschool Director, or call 931-645-9085.


Registration for the 2024/25 Preschool Year opens to church members and returning families on March 18, 2024, approximately two weeks prior to registration opening to the public.  Public registration opens on March 25, 2024.  Registration may be completed completed online, even payment of the registration fee. For more information please email us or follow our social media pages for updates. 


 To inquire about scheduling a tour of our facility or registering your child(ren), please email Casey Gerritz, Preschool Director.


When considering registration and class placement, please remember that we follow the state of TN guidelines and CMCSS recommendation that students be placed in the age level class for the age they are on/before August 15 of the current year.  This ensures timely progress into Kindergarten. 


Registration will open here at promptly 8AM on the dates listed above. Only registrations made using the link below (when activated on the specific date) will be considered. 



Click here to view our calendar for the 2023/2024 Preschool year. 


Click here to access the Preschool Student Handbook.


Click here to access the Preschool Reopening Guidelines (COVID-19 edition, cir. 2021)


Ones & Twos

Child must be one-year-old by August 15, of the year entering the program. Children learn to share, follow instructions, and feed themselves. Main activities: coloring, singing, listening, play. Adult/child ratio 1 to 4.

Twos & Threes

Child must be two by August 15 of the year entering the program. Children learn shapes, colors, animals, etc. Main activities: circle time, limited field trips, crafts, painting, singing, story time, play. Adult/child ratio 1 to 6.

Threes & Fours

Children must be three by August 15 of the year entering the program. Children learn about letters, numbers, months and days, pledge, manners, opposites, and other units of study. Main activities: circle time, center time, field trips, singing, computer, story time, painting, play. Adult/child ratio 1 to 7.

Fours & Fives

Children must be four by August 15 of the year entering the program. Children learn their address, phone number, the sound of letters, the alphabet, counting, writing their name, nutrition, dental care, animals & their homes, good health habits, and much more. Main activities: circle time, pledge, field trips, singing, art, special programs, play. Adult/child ratio 1 to 7.​​​​​​​

Licensure & Certification

Madison Street Preschool has completed and maintained all requirements and qualifications of the TN Department of Human Services. 

The TN DHS has determined that our program
meets the requirements for an exemption from
child care agency licensure pursuant to

Tenn. Code Ann. § 71-3-503
Programs and Facilities Exempt From Licensing.