Become a Member

Welcome to Madison Street! 

Our three-step track to becoming a church member is designed to:

1) help you connect to the church

2) discover the strengths of your purposeful design

3) develop your God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

STEP 1: Discover Madison Street

Connect with Madison Street and discover the ins and outs of the church,

learn details about our beliefs, leadership, and church government.

This is an ON-DEMAND experience. 

Here's how it works:  

1) Watch each of the three videos below.

2) Complete the Step One Completion Registration (click here)

Video 1:

Madison Street UMC

This video provides a brief overview of Madison Street, its history, our campus, and our ministries.  This video is approximately 7 minutes in length.

Interested in knowing more about the history of Madison Street UMC?  Click here to watch a video from 1997 highlighting Madison Street's prominent place in the Clarksville community and the renovation process the 1882 sanctuary underwent just prior to the 1999 tornado. 

Video 2:

United Methodist Beliefs

This video provides an in-depth look at major United Methodist beliefs and practices.  This video is approximately 13 minutes in length.

To learn more about United Methodist beliefs on specific topics click here.

To access the church's official statement on baptism, "By Water and the Spirit," click here.

To access the church's official statement on communion, "This Holy Mystery," click here.

Video 3:

United Methodist History, Organization, & Governance

This video takes a look at the history of Methodism and how The United Methodist Church is organized to live out its ministry and mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." This video is approximately 15 minutes in length.

To learn more about United Methodist history or the church's governing structure, click here.

STEP 2: Discover Your Design

Dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and begin the journey of discovering your purpose in life

and how you can make a difference in the lives of others. 

This is an ON-DEMAND experience.

Here's how it works:

1) Complete the Enneagram Assessment

2) Watch the video and compete the Spiritual Gifts Assessment

3) Complete the Step Two Completion Registration (click here)

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a map for self-discovery and personal growth. The diagram describes the 9 basic personality types based upon their unique ways of relating to the world.

The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires.

The power of the Enneagram is in its ability to harness and transform self-defeating behaviors into life-enhancing personal empowerment. The gift of the Enneagram is that through self-discovery, one can create and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships with others, God and themselves.

NOTE: The Enneagram Assessment we utilize was developed by Jeff & Beth McCord ( based in Franklin, Tennessee.  If you are interested in further exploring your enneagram type, they have online courses, books, podcasts, and free resources to help you do so. 

Spiritual Gifts


Every child of God is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, specially gifted to play a unique and valued role in the body of Christ. No one is without gift or purpose.


Spiritual gifts are not our talents or skills. They are the grace of God at work within us, empowering us to match our deep passions with the world’s deep need. The gifts are given to individuals, but they are given to build and strengthen community and to meet the needs of those around us.


Begin the journey. Discover your gifts. Talk about your gifts with others. Strive together to understand your gifts and how you can use them to serve God, neighbor, and world. You have been gifted. You have been given a purpose.

STEP 3: Serving From the Heart

Find out what it means to make a difference within this community of faith

and connect to the opportunities available at Madison Street  to live out your purpose

and serve others by using your God-given gifts.


This is an IN-PERSON/HYBRID event.  (Participants may attend in-person or via Zoom)

Here's how it works:

1) Register for a Serving From the Heart Session (click here)

       Serving From the Heart will be offered on the following days for 2023:

                January 29

               February 26

               March 26

               April 30

               May 21

              June 25

              July 30

              August 27

             September 24

             October 29

             November 19


        All Serving From the Heart Sessions are at 11:30 a.m. and last approximately 45 minutes.

        Childcare is provided. 

        Virtual Participants will receive a Zoom link via email on the Friday before the session for which they are registered.

2) Complete the Madison Street Membership Form (click here)