(Mothers of Madison Street)

MOMS exists to provide a community for mothers in Clarksville to connect with God and each other. Being a mom is messy, yet lovely in a very real way and we want to be on this journey together! Mothers of all ages and stages are encouraged to join.


The 2020-2021 theme is Thriving in Abundance. MOMS meets on Thursdays from August 2020 - May 2021 from 9:00 - 11:00 am. The way this group will meet is dependent on what reopening phase we have entered. There is a $20 registration fee payable online or in-person by check or cash. If you have questions please email Ashley Knowles.

United Methodist Women

The Vision

Turning faith, hope, and love into action on behalf of women, children, and youth around the world.


There are threads that connect us to the women of our history: discernment, commitment, theological growth, education.


Programs (Bible study, reflection, historical work activities, a call to action) will help units connect with one another, to those who came before us, to worldwide mission, and to the next generation of leaders.


To connect with one of our UMW groups, please contact Kay Martin, president, or Karen Scholle, secretary.