Being connected to a small group is important for your faith journey. From 9-10 am each Sunday morning, we have a variety of small groups that meet, fellowship and study together. Madison Street currently has eleven active Sunday School classes for adults of all ages and at all stages of life. Scroll down to see descriptions. For questions, email Rev. Jared Wilson.

Ages & Stages

Among the longest-running classes at Madison Street UMC, Ages & Stages is comprised mainly of retired members or our community. Both outside facilitators and class member volunteers lead the discussion style and multi-media supported classes. Topics include contemporary issues, discipleship, and Bible teachings to help us in our everyday lives. We enjoy a monthly pot-luck dinner as well as spontaneous social gatherings.


Location: Room 108
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall then left)

Community Class

The Community Sunday School class adopted that name because we are all a part of the worldwide community of God’s children. We believe we are called to show God’s love to everyone all the time. Sometimes we succeed. We are an adult class with ages ranging from the early 30s to the mid 70s. We have a Bible based discussion every Sunday morning. We are trying to grow in His knowledge so we can better serve His community. We are open and inviting. Anyone is welcome in our class.


Location: Room 105
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall. Third door on the right.)



The Kairos class is made up primarily of members in the “middle” season of life.  They are parents dealing with issues that pertain to raising children (ranging in age from preschool to high school) as well as issues of having aging parents themselves.  Study topics are chosen based on the many challenges being “in the middle” bring to our lives and how to deal with those while relying on faith. The class values the fellowship and relationships that come with being part of a group and welcome new members of any age.


Location:  Room 118
(Second to last door on the left down the Pastors’ office hall.)

Collective Souls of Imperfection (CSI)

CSI is a diverse group of all ages and places on the journey of faith. We together acknowledge our imperfections and our need for community. The group is open and welcome to new members at any time!


Location: Room 116
(Last door on the left down the Pastors’ office hall.)


The Cornerstone Class is a lively, interactive, open discussion class exploring relevant topics designed to appeal to those who enjoy small group, short-term studies. Couples and singles are welcome. So make the first right hand turn past the Fellowship Hall and find a home in Cornerstone.


Location: Room 103
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall. First door on the right.)

Mayhew Class

The Mayhew class is an adult class devoted to service and sharing Christ in our lives and lives of others. We study materials that help us to live the life that Christ would have us live. Discussion and the lessons are shared by volunteers in the class. Some of our mission projects that we are participating in are F.U.E.L., Room in the Inn and paying a minister’s salary in Guatemala. Our express purpose is to enrich our lives in Christ’s teaching and to love our neighbor as our self. We welcome anyone that would like to study with us.

Location: Room 106
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall. Turn left down the hall. The class is on the left.)

New Beginnings

The New Beginnings class is made up of empty nesters, recently or soon to be retirees, and anyone looking for a discussion based class with materials often picked from the Cokesbury catalog. We also enjoy social gatherings and supporting several mission projects throughout the year.


Location: Room 109
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall. Turn left down the hall. The class is on the right.)


The Connections Class is made up of people of all ages, both married and single, new members and long time members. We study a wide range of topics.


Location: Room 115
(Last door on the right down the Pastors’ office hall.)


The Pathfinders Class is a diversified group with a strong focus on spiritual learning. Our in-depth studies are thought provoking which opens up for a wide range of opinions and exciting discussions. Pathfinders’ messages speak deeply to the personal issues we face in life. We are a class that loves God and loves people. Come join our friendly adult Sunday school class with bible-based lessons.


Location: Room 107
(Through the double brown doors to the left of the stage in the Fellowship Hall.)

Willard Blue Class

The Willard Blue class is the longest running class of Madison Street. Adults of all ages are welcomed. The class follows the Cokesbury Adult Bible studies and supports local missions.


Location: Room 104
(Through the double brown doors in the Fellowship Hall. Second door on the right.)

Open Circle

The Open Circle class is made up young adults who may be single or married, just starting college or just starting a career. Study topics are chosen to give a Biblical foundation for navigating today’s world.


Location:  Room 117
(Third door on the right down the Pastors’ office hall.)

Special Education Adult Class

Beyond Limits

Led by: Courtney Lee, Ed.S
When: Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am
Where: 2nd Floor Room 215

This program is for adults 18 and over with intellectual/cognitive challenges and is led by a Special Populations teacher. For more information email Rev. Jared Wilson.

Online Studies

The World of the New Testament

Begins April 5

Join Rev. Jared Wilson for this online course that will serve as your passageway from the twenty-first century to the era of Jesus and the early Christians.  Based on his recent travels to Israel and Palestine, this study will enable participants to experience the New Testament and early Christianity in its original context.  The study will be self-guided, but optional weekly Zoom meetings will also be offered to explore certain concepts in more depth.

The Hebrew Bible from Scratch

Begins April 5

Facilitated by Rev. Jared Wilson, this online course will examine the basic themes, histories, personalities, and meanings of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).  Designed especially for adults who have--or fear they have--little or no Bible knowledge, this study will guide us through the scriptures and will introduce basic tools and skills for Bible study.


Need a mid-week spiritual lift?  Want fellowship with your faith family? Wonder how you have time for this when your family needs to be fed?  Join us for Thrive in the Fall. There will be activities for all ages and you will be fed physically and spiritually!

Here are the details for Thrive in the Fall!


5:00 pm
Dinner in the Fellowship Hall.
Cost is $5 for adults (13 years and up)
$3 for children (6-12)
$2 for young children (3-5).
FREE for children 2 and under.


6:00 pm
Adult Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall.
Women’s Fitness in the activity room. For more information email Heather Carter.
Men’s Basketball in the gym. For more information email David Fish.
Youth Groove (6th-12th grades) in the youth lounge.
WAKy Wednesday (3 years-5th grade) on the 2nd & 3rd floors.
Nursery care is available for children birth – 2 years old. For more information about children & youth activities, email Brooke Knight.


7:00 pm
Recovery Night or "I'm just here for the coffee", Conference Room Questions? Email Matt Silvey

Madison Street Choir Rehearsal, Choir Suite
Want to join the choir? Email Rev. Jared Wilson.